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Dr. Bosbotinis has diverse experience encompassing academia, business, and policy-relevant research and analysis for a range of customers. He has written widely on British defence issues, Russian strategy and military modernisation, China’s evolving strategy, and regional security in Europe, the Former Soviet Union and Asia-Pacific. Dr Bosbotinis has provided subject matter expertise to both specialist defence media and international news organisations, and spoken at academic conferences and subject-matter expert roundtable events.

Dr James Bosbotinis




Dr. James Bosbotinis is the CO-CEO of JB Associates. He is a specialist in defence and international affairs with particular expertise in analysing geopolitical trends and risk, military-strategic developments, regional security and generating understanding of the connections between national policy, strategy and the implications for defence capability development.


26 May 2018


Dr James Bosbotinis delivered a guest lecture at the Institute of Ocean Research, Peking University, on ‘Carrier Air Power in the 21st Century’.

25 May 2018

 Dr James Bosbotinis spoke at the inaugural Peking University Ocean Forum on ‘The Evolving Global Strategic Environment and its Implications for Maritime Strategy’.

12 June 2018

Dr James Bosbotinis was interviewed on Australia’s ABC News Channel, providing analysis of the Singapore Summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un.


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J B Associates specialises in providing geopolitical risk advisory services. Geopolitical factors are critical to business and policy-making. Geopolitical tensions can directly impact the business environment, vividly highlighted by the US-China Trade War, and impose direct and indirect costs, cause supply chain disruptions, and even loss of market access. Geopolitical shifts can also create opportunities through opening up new markets and investment opportunities.   

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